Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate practices tantric launching

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MH4U 5

Breathe deep and think of something else. Don’t get too excited. Unlike other studios who are spraying their launch trailers all over the internet days or even weeks before the actually arrives, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate cared more about your pleasure, waiting to launch until now.

The actual Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate game has been out for almost two weeks now, but there was no launch trailer. Perhaps this was on purpose, or maybe it was a gross oversight. Either way, here is the launch trailer now.

It’s actually a pretty nice launch trailer. It shows off the typical CGI elements of story progression, but we also get some real gameplay footage. It’s a fairly accurate indication of what you can expect from the game and delivers on what we’d expect from a launch trailer – I’m just surprised by the timing.

This could actually be a good idea. Those people who were excited for the game to release already had their pre-orders in or went to buy the game on day one. There were millions of them, in fact. So the game’s sales were fine for launch; perhaps a delayed launch trailer is just what it needs to give it another boost in case anyone didn’t realize that the game is now available.

Perhaps we need a different word for this. A post-launch trailer? Maybe we should just call this their accolades trailer instead. Whatever it is, it will hopefully remind anyone who doesn’t already know that the game is ready, willing and able.

Last Updated: February 26, 2015

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