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Monument Valley makes a monumental profit

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Monument Valley is the indie mobile game that so many indie mobile games aspire to be. Premium, a money-maker and filled with soul, the game has won 20 awards (with nominations for 43 more) and is ridiculously popular. Notably, the studio has been incredibly transparent about how much money the game has made, and even how many matches of Street Fighter were played during development. Their latest infographic reveals some interesting aspects, though.

Here is their sexy infographic that they revealed over on Medium (thanks Polygon) rather than on their usual blog where their year one infographic was posted.

Monument valley

There are some easy conclusions to draw from the infographic – obviously being featured on House of Cards is good for sales and Android is way less important than Android users like to imply. However, the scale of the iOS power is sort of staggering to me. Of the $14378 500 that Monument Valley has made since launch, $10 496 305 came from iOS. That’s just an insane number. Also, looking at the income spikes, it’s clear that going on sale over on the Google Play store isn’t nearly as important as going on sale on the App Store. As much as Android and Windows phone users are valuable and numerous, they simply don’t spend money on games like iOS users do. It almost makes me wonder why developers bother with an Android app, or if it’s just to keep the Android community quiet.

I haven’t been playing games on my tablet much lately. I’ll blame it on having review games to play and a baby who now requires more attention – I can’t just put the tablet on her anymore. Are your devices among the 50 million with Monument Valley on them, or have you avoided it thus far? It really sounds like an amazing experience… I should probably download it and see what all the fuss is about. Then again, I’ve been saying that ever since I saw it on House of Cards.

Last Updated: May 23, 2016

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