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More Battlefield 4 Ultra videos.. lots more

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On Friday I posted a video showcasing Battlefield 4 in Ultra mode and stating that I was quite disappointed with how it looked.. well most people agreed with me but a few people claimed it was still beta code and it will look a lot better once it is complete.

Well EA games has now flooded the Internet with Battlefield 4 videos and most of them are claiming to be shot in Ultra mode… it would be weird if official EA video’s weren’t shot in Ultra mode though.

And I have to say I’m still not overly impressed. There is a lot of clipping which does point to the game still being in beta but I’m starting to worry that Battlefield 4 has attempted to do something that the consoles or PC tech just isn’t ready for.

Take a look and let me know, am I being overly critical or is this simply not as good as expected?

Knife Rivals

Naval Warfare

Parachute, RPG Tank Kill, Flag Cap

Gunship STRIKE

Brazilian Multiplayer

Skyscraper Collapse and Wave of Doom

And that’s it… happy Battlefield 4 morning

Last Updated: August 5, 2013

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