More details about COD5 kill streaks

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Call of Duty 5

We posted a while back about the new COD5 kill streaks and in particular those awesome attack dogs.

Though let’s take a step back and start again… the kill streaks for COD5 are as follows

Recon Plane (3 Kills) – Get 3 kills in a row and you get the ability to see all the enemies on the map, except those using the recon perk that is.

Artillery Strike (5 Kills) – This is just like the COD4 air strike but this time the bombs of death are arriving from an artillery gun and not a plane.

Unleash the Dogs (7 Kills) – Possibly the best idea in video gaming history, get 7 kills in a row and you get to unleash the dogs. Deadly attack dogs that swarm the level looking for the enemy and taking them out. What makes it even more devastating is that even if you manage to gun down the dogs they will just respawn until the kill streaks time runs out. Oh and you cannot just hide from them, they can smell you…


[Thanks to Flameboy for the tip]

Last Updated: October 1, 2008

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