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More Fall Dashboard Details? – Rumour

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Xbox360Rally.com has a long list of what is rumoured to be included in the fall update. While most of the list is just optimisations and minor extras a few things did seem interesting…

1. Clan blade – I am starting to see the point of this
2. Grouping friends by games and other filtering – finally
3. Picture in Picture DVD playback – So the wife can watch while I play… (how I am going to fit my COD4 disc and Sleeping Beauty DVD into the same drive is still a mystery though)
4. Estimated time remaining on downloads – Because Microsoft has always been good at this 🙂
5. Screensavers, contain your excitement…

Anyway the entire list is after the jump, no DivX support and no parental timer so I don’t think this is the entire list yet…

  • Compatibility with 3rd party wireless controllers
  • Compatibility with messenger pad
  • Xbox Live Vision firmware upgrade, sharper image filtering
  • Many more Vision Cam settings
  • New screensaver settings – when away from Xbox 360, screensaver will play for optional time, before screen goes dark
  • New Xbox Live Arcade blade – where you can download, play and learn about Xbox Live Arcade
  • Brand new ?web based adver-games? flash games which aren?t downloaded, but are playable bite sized games, accessed via new Xbox Live Arcade Blade
  • New Screensaver option in Themes and Gamer Pics option in Marketplace blade
  • New functionality with Messenger, works with chatpad
  • New XNA Game Launcher for those that have the program, new options
  • New language, time and date settings
  • New ?advertising opportunities? in gameplay
  • Xvid support
  • New ?favourites? option via Xbox Live Arcade, can rate according to preference
  • IPTV Functionality – support for TiVo like PVR options. Will be able to record TV direct. Options include source by channel, director, actor and distributor
  • Filter friends list, will be able to filter friends via games
  • New clan support – will be able to launch clan games direct from dashboard, can ?fold? friends into new clan category in friends list
  • Better translations in settings and other options for Japanese, German and Spanish languages
  • New quick option to delete via X Button in memory viewer.
  • Option for having downloadable In-game content not inform when completed download
  • Option for having video content not inform when completed download
  • Faster settings for viewing unfinished video content downloads
  • New option in Games tab – beta and others, will be launcher for MMO and multiplayer betas
  • New option in Marketplace Games tab, search by letter, can be inputted via text pad or console
  • Smarter game settings – you can be messaged via publishers about new in-game content for your games
  • Picture in picture functionality for DVD Drive and some other updated settings
  • Improved USB Keyboard settings
  • Improved voice chat settings in game and from dashboard
  • Faster response times to Redeem Code settings
  • Option to play a Redeemed Code game straight after redeeming code
  • Console will now recognise low Hard Drive space, will inform you immediately if can?t download current item, will automatically download next available that is able.
  • Increased space size for gamerpics and dashboard themes
  • Themes can now be animated
  • Themes may now have sound effects
  • Better slideshow capabilities, new options added. New sound effects and integration with Hard Drive/ PC music capable.
  • New estimated timer for downloads, informing how long download will expect to take
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