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8 has a long list of what is rumoured to be included in the fall update. While most of the list is just optimisations and minor extras a few things did seem interesting…

1. Clan blade – I am starting to see the point of this
2. Grouping friends by games and other filtering – finally
3. Picture in Picture DVD playback – So the wife can watch while I play… (how I am going to fit my COD4 disc and Sleeping Beauty DVD into the same drive is still a mystery though)
4. Estimated time remaining on downloads – Because Microsoft has always been good at this 🙂
5. Screensavers, contain your excitement…

Anyway the entire list is after the jump, no DivX support and no parental timer so I don’t think this is the entire list yet…

  • Compatibility with 3rd party wireless controllers
  • Compatibility with messenger pad
  • Xbox Live Vision firmware upgrade, sharper image filtering
  • Many more Vision Cam settings
  • New screensaver settings – when away from Xbox 360, screensaver will play for optional time, before screen goes dark
  • New Xbox Live Arcade blade – where you can download, play and learn about Xbox Live Arcade
  • Brand new ?web based adver-games? flash games which aren?t downloaded, but are playable bite sized games, accessed via new Xbox Live Arcade Blade
  • New Screensaver option in Themes and Gamer Pics option in Marketplace blade
  • New functionality with Messenger, works with chatpad
  • New XNA Game Launcher for those that have the program, new options
  • New language, time and date settings
  • New ?advertising opportunities? in gameplay
  • Xvid support
  • New ?favourites? option via Xbox Live Arcade, can rate according to preference
  • IPTV Functionality – support for TiVo like PVR options. Will be able to record TV direct. Options include source by channel, director, actor and distributor
  • Filter friends list, will be able to filter friends via games
  • New clan support – will be able to launch clan games direct from dashboard, can ?fold? friends into new clan category in friends list
  • Better translations in settings and other options for Japanese, German and Spanish languages
  • New quick option to delete via X Button in memory viewer.
  • Option for having downloadable In-game content not inform when completed download
  • Option for having video content not inform when completed download
  • Faster settings for viewing unfinished video content downloads
  • New option in Games tab – beta and others, will be launcher for MMO and multiplayer betas
  • New option in Marketplace Games tab, search by letter, can be inputted via text pad or console
  • Smarter game settings – you can be messaged via publishers about new in-game content for your games
  • Picture in picture functionality for DVD Drive and some other updated settings
  • Improved USB Keyboard settings
  • Improved voice chat settings in game and from dashboard
  • Faster response times to Redeem Code settings
  • Option to play a Redeemed Code game straight after redeeming code
  • Console will now recognise low Hard Drive space, will inform you immediately if can?t download current item, will automatically download next available that is able.
  • Increased space size for gamerpics and dashboard themes
  • Themes can now be animated
  • Themes may now have sound effects
  • Better slideshow capabilities, new options added. New sound effects and integration with Hard Drive/ PC music capable.
  • New estimated timer for downloads, informing how long download will expect to take
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    Last Updated: November 18, 2007

    Gavin Mannion

    I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

    • Well I see that Xvid support is on the list, which means basically equates to DivX.

    • Not really Craig. XviD is .avi format, whilst DivX is .divx. Unless there have been some enhancements.

    • RivaZA

      .avi and .divx are just containers. They technically have nothing to do with the actual file format. I have quite a few .avi files that are DivX codec.

      And last time I checked the Xvid codec could play DivX encoded file but the DivX codec could not play XviD encoded files. This was a while ago though.

    • Xvid is open source, and DivX isn’t, and that’s pretty much the only difference as far as I know. As Riva said, Xvid has always been able to play both, but DivX can only play Divx. (My experience anyway!) I’m stoked for Xvid if this is true!

    • Yeah exactly boys, its basically the same thing. Its odd though that Microsoft would consider putting Xvid support into the Xbox 360 firmware as its impossible to license it correctly. Maybe they are just going forward with the same old brute force licensing tactic that they used on the rumble technology – use it now and settle the licensing costs out of court.

    • But if it is open source surely their is no commercial/enterprise license attached to it?

    • Lupus

      There isn’t, Xvid is open source and probably the reason why they’ve put it on. Though I’ve noticed Xvid encoding isn’t as smooth or as compressed as Divx encoding.

    • doobiwan

      “Brand new ?web based adver-games? flash games which aren?t downloaded, but are playable bite sized games, accessed via new Xbox Live Arcade Blade”

      That sounds way cool, Desktop tower defense anyone?

      On the DivX/Xvid thing – the CEO of DivX basically blew it last week and short of saying it outright (which he did but retracted) admitted divX is coming to 360.

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