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More info on Overwatch 2 to be revealed at BlizzCon Online next year

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Overwatch 2 is a weird thing. It feels like an announcement that was made before anyone actually knew what they properly talking about. Sure, all the talking points were there last year when Blizzard revealed the future of its hyper-popular team-based shooter but it also felt unfocused.

The messaging came across as murky and unclear as to how it would replace the original game, considering that Blizzard (and by my knowledge nobody else) has never released a sequel in the form of an update to an existing game. Fortunately for us, we should know a bit more about Overwatch 2 come February of 2021.

Kaplan dropped the news during a developer update video (which was more focused on the new map, Kanezaka). Within the video, Kaplan states, “We will be talking about [Overwatch 2] more in February with BlizzCon Online coming up.” Sounds like some good news but don’t get your hopes up too high. Kaplan also tempered viewer’s excitement by noting that they “still have some ways to go”.


BlizzCon Online 2021 should be a big event for fans of the company (well, the ones that are left) as it has also noted that it intends to show off more footage of Diablo IV. At this point, Blizzard really needs to do a lot to win back the hearts of players as it’s had a pretty rough year in terms of its reputation.

With the botched release of the highly anticipated Warcraft III: Reforged and the outrage caused in the Hearthstone community with the implementation of a battle pass system that was not looked upon kindly by players, hopefully, things work out a little better next year.

Last Updated: December 18, 2020


  1. For the Emperor!

    December 18, 2020 at 12:19

    If Diablows 4 comes out with less classes than are currently available, I will not purchase until Diablows 5 is announces.


  2. Gavin Mannion

    December 18, 2020 at 13:50

    I have full intentions of building myself a gaming PC for Overwatch 2. I miss that game and I want to get properly into the PC side of it this year


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