More international retailers stop selling the 60GB Xbox 360

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Yesterday I posted up the rumour about Microsoft dropping the 60Gb model and forging ahead with just the Elite and Arcade.

Well this rumour has just been kicked up a notch with UK retailers GAME, Gamestation, HMV and Asda all now claiming they are either sold our or removing any 60Gb models from their respective sites.

I did send a request for comment through to our local Microsoft office yesterday and as always have received a prompt and efficient reply. Unfortunately that prompt reply was just to let me know that they have nothing to announce at this time and Microsoft doesn’t comment on conjecture.

So while there is still a rumour tag placed on this one I am 90% convinced that we will be seeing an announcement about the demise of the 60Gb model at GamesCom next week. Along with a price cut.

I personally expect to see at least a $50 price cut worldwide on the Elite models with no change at all for the Arcade.

Or does Microsoft have something even bigger to announce which fits in perfectly? I’ll post that up a little later.

Last Updated: August 7, 2009

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