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More journalists choose the Xbox One over the PS4

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Back in early November I was invited over to London to join the review event for the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts. My review is here…but this isn’t about the review it’s about the experience and the strange things that I noticed.

On arrival we were greeted by Mark Rubin and a group of PR ladies and gentlemen from across Europe. After being given a brief rundown on the embargo dates and how the event was going to play out we were let loose to do as we pleased.

The basic setup is as follows: Each journalist had a next gen console and existing gen console in their allocated rooms. We got to choose before hand whether we wanted the Xbox or PlayStation family to co-inhabit our rooms.

Then downstairs there were 4 rooms. The first room had Xbox One multiplayer and Xbox 360 multiplayer. The second room was identical but with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3’s instead. The third and 4th room had Xbox One and Xbox 360 squads and extinction and vice versa.

As the event started I headed straight upstairs to play the single player campaign. After about 3 hours I took a break and headed back down to play some multiplayer. I walked into the first room and there wasn’t a single person on the Xbox consoles. I wondered if they were all playing single player still but when I walked into the next room I found them all. Every single journalist available was crammed around the PlayStation 4 consoles.

It soon became evident why, as the PlayStation 4 visuals were markedly more impressive than the Xbox One and that had attracted everyone to them. After a space opened up I sat myself down and started jamming. I’m more used to the Xbox layout but I quickly got a handle on the PS4 controller which is light years ahead of the DS3.

However I started to notice that after about an hour or so my thumbs were starting to feel uncomfortable on the sticks. They just didn’t quite sit right and the lower edge of the stick was agitating my thumb. Now at this time I thought it was simply that I wasn’t used to the sticks being in-line.

However after getting back I found this image online where a gamer has apparently only been using his controller for 2 weeks.

Notice the wearing on the left stick at the bottom

Now that was exactly where it was feeling uncomfortable to me. Anyway I didn’t think much of it and I headed back up to complete the single player campaign.

The next morning I headed down and I noticed that the journalists had now split 50/50 in each of the first two rooms with a smattering of journalists in the other two rooms. So I sat down at an empty Xbox One console and joined in. After a solid 4 hours of gaming the controller still felt perfectly comfortable and I noticed that the two banks of Xbox One consoles had now been totally filled up.

I took a break and wandered over to the PS4 room only to find that it was empty except for 2 gamers who were busy doing screen capturing.

And that was the last time I saw anyone on the PlayStation 4’s. Some of the journalists were complaining that they wanted to play the PS4 version more but they couldn’t find anyone to join them as everyone else was very happy playing the Xbox One version.

Now this is a hardly a scientific study by any means and maybe the majority of journalists at this event were PlayStation fanboys but what it does say for sure is that if you have the Xbox One you are not going to feel like you are missing out when playing Ghosts as the game plays at least as well as the PlayStation 4 version and is in my opinion more comfortable to play for long periods of time.

The PS4 version looks better and that is something Microsoft deserve to be slated for but when it comes down to the actual experience of playing, well then possibly the Xbox One version is the one that you are going to want to go for. Oh and before we go, here is some direct feed capture of the Xbox One gameplay – followed by some PlayStation 4 footage in all its YouTube glory.

First up let’s get some Domination going:

And some Deathmatch:

As a comparison this is cranked on a PlayStation 4:

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Last Updated: November 12, 2013

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