More lame mini-games for Spin The Bottle

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Spin the Bottle is a classic game of prepubescent experimentation. Rather than actually kiss someone you like, the emotional attachment is removed, making it “safe” to try kissing everyone in the room. Also, the game is way more fun at university. The Wii U already launched their vaguely flirtatious Spin the Bottle game, and now it’s getting an upgrade.

Coming on 13 February (just in time for Valentine’s Day?), the patch/update will offer up six new mini-games, bringing us to a grand total of 23. The new Spin the Bottle mini-games include:

  • Don’t Laugh: In this game the two players are playing against the audience. The goal of the players is to look into the camera and not laugh. The goal of the audience is do everything they can in order to stop the players doing just so.
  • Body Twister: Player A holds the GamePad on their knee, player B touches the screen with their elbow. Player A holds the GamePad on their stomach, player B touches the screen with their nose. Player A holds the GamePad on their shoulder, player B touches the screen with their butt.

Wait up – body twister involves some hardcore shoulder on butt action. Now if that won’t sell the Wii U, I don’t know what will.

Sarcasm aside, I honestly have to wonder how many people are playing this game. Who wants to play fake spin the bottle on the Wii U when you can just play real spin the bottle and have a way better time? Looking at their Facebook page (where the update was announced), a measly 278 people like this game. Apparently it won a bunch of awards at IndieCade and GDC, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to help ship the console. Mario and Pikmin were amazing and did little to ship units, I’m not sure the Wii U need to cement its place as the console of people too awkward to even touch each other. Nevermind, that’s all the consoles.

Spin the bottle Or dont Creepo

Last Updated: January 27, 2014

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