More people bought their PS3 second hand than new… wait what?

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Monkeys and Typewriters... the world is doomed

You have to love market research and how people can fudge the results to show exactly what they want it to. has released some results from a survey it conducted recently which shows that 33% of people who own a PS3 picked it up second hand. Which just goes to show that shopping around is a good idea and they can help you find the best deal when looking for a second hand PS3.

However when we dig deeper into the results we also find that only 24% picked one up brand new meaning that more people bought a second hand PS3 than a new one. Now unless there is a roaring trade in second hand PS3’s and unless most people sell theirs pretty much instantly I can’t see how this works.

But instead of admitting failure in their survey they continued and released more stats such as 14% received it as a gift, 26% got it with their phone contract (believable I guess) and that 3% won theirs.

When we put that into numbers we get the following

  • 90 000 Britain’s have won a PS3
  • 750 000 got it with a contract
  • 720 000 bought one outright
  • 1 000 000 bought one second hand

They managed this epic failure by polling 1000 and then multiplying by a kak load to get up to the 3 million sold in the UK.

Yes the survey now has their brand getting a lot of attention, but it’s pretty negative attention and who would trust a price comparison site who can’t even report on basic survey numbers?

Source: CVG

Last Updated: April 27, 2010

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