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Morning Wood… is that our new MW3 map name?

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Activision and Call of Duty have received a lot of flak over their game and how it panders to the immature and mentally incoherent.

However this isn’t true and to prove it they’ve apparently named one of their upcoming maps “Morning Wood” to prove how classy they really are.

This rumour was started on the ModernPrestige website and apparently the story was that the first MW3 map pack would include 5 maps entitles Morning Wood, Concrete, Park, Italy and Overwatch.

Overwatch would simply be a remix of the MW2 map by the same name while Park and Italy are self explanatory and Concrete makes me think of a Factory.

Morning Wood is obviously referring to the idea of walking through the forest in the morning… right?

Anyway the rumour wasn’t very interesting until the story was taken off the website along with the pictures showing these new names which generally means the rumour is true and now you can look forward to a lot of morning wood and adolescent giggling in your future. Aren’t you excited?

Last Updated: November 28, 2011

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