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Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath – How to perform every Friendship (And what they look like!)

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Mortal Kombat is known for two things: Blood and even more blood. Fresh out of the arcades in the early 1990s and straight into the mainstream with its controversial gore that had many an overzealous mom calling for the game to be banned, Mortal Kombat made its name with gratuitous violence and over the top finishing moves.

What if you don’t like blood though? Maybe you’ve got an aversion to seeing some crimson spilled from a digital collection of flesh and meat, even if said opponent happens to be an interdimensional ruler from another world attempting to make the skulls of fallen enemies a bold fashion choice as seasonal headwear.

That’s where Friendships come in! First introduced in Mortal Kombat 2, Friendships have been a tongue in cheek finishing move, emphasising rainbows and happiness over the signature blood and gore of Mortal Kombat. They’re back inside of Mortal Kombat 11 and its Aftermath expansion, with every character having access to them.

Now yes, you can see the Friendship for your chosen character from within the game menu, but that’s a chore. Flicking back and forth to memorise that string of inputs? YAWN. Instead, here’s the full collection of moves that you’ll need to pull off to show off the power of your Friendship, all listed in an alphabetical format below to make things easier for your crib notes.

Quick note: For the actual input, I’ve listed the PlayStation 4 attack button first, followed by the Xbox One input. Easy and simple. Also something worth mentioning: Every Friendship is performed from the Middle distance of the screen, so make certain you have roughly one jump kick of space between you and your vanquished opponent.

Baraka – Nailed it

Back, Forward, Down, Down, Square/X

Cassie Cage – Feeling cute, might delete later

Back, Forward, Down, Down, Square/X

Cetrion – Serenity

Down, Down, Down, Down, Square/X

D’vorah – I feel pretty

orward, Back, Down, Forward, Triangle/Y

Erron Black – What the duck

Forward, Back, Down, Back, Cross/A

Frost – Frost-capades

Forward, Back, Forward, Back, Cross/A

Fujin – Let’s go fly a kite

Back, Down, Back, Down, Triangle/Y

Geras – Beach Party

Forward, Down, Forward, Down, Circle/B

Jade – I want kandy

Forward, Down, Down, Down, Triangle/Y

Jacqui Briggs – Wibbly wobbly kronibop

Down, Down, Down, Down, Triangle/Y

Jax Briggs – Sexy Jax-a-phone

Forward, Back, Down, Down, Triangle/Y

Johnny Cage – Dub Dub WB

Back, Forward, Back, Down, Triangle/Y

Joker – Come on, Bats

Down, Down, Down, Down, Cross/A

Kabal – Bop it

Back, Down, Forward, Down, Square/X

Kano – Kiss the cook

Forward, Back, Forward, Back, Triangle/Y

Kollector – One man band

Back, Forward, Down, Down, Triangle/Y

Kotal Kahn – G.T.L.

Down, Back, Down, Forward, Cross/A

Kitana – Do you want to build a Shao Kahn?

Forward, Down, Down, Foward, Cross/A

Kung Lao – Kung-ductor

Forward, Back, Forward, Back, Circle/B

Liu Kang – Shaolin Hustle

Back, Down, Down, Back, Triangle/Y

Nightwolf – Matokan Sideshow

Forward, Back, Forward, Down, Square/X

Noob Saibot – Me and my shadow

Down, Back, Down, Forward, Cross/A

Raiden – Earthrealm’s Got Talent

Down, Back, Forward, Down, Circle/B

Robocop – Breakin’ it down

Back, Down, Forward, Down, Circle/B

Scorpion – Teddy-ality

Forward, Back, Forward, Back, Circle/B

Shang Tsung – Rainbow konnection

Back, Back, Down, Forward, Circle/B

Shao Kahn – Winner winner Outworld dinner

Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Triangle/Y

Sheeva – Krystal clear

Forward, Back, Down, Down, Square/X

Sindel – Sweet serenade

Back, Down, Down, Up, Cross/A

Skarlet – Masterpiece

Down, Down, Down, Down, Square/X

Sonya Blade – Fetch, good drone

Down, Forward, Down, Down, Square/X

Spawn – Hellish desire

Back, Down, Forward, Down, Square/X

Sub-Zero – Frosty treats

Down, Down, Forward, Forward, Square/X

Terminator T-800 –Stuntman

Forward, Down, Forward, Down, Cross/A

Last Updated: May 28, 2020


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