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Mortal Kombat Cosplay gets sexy

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Three gorgeous ladies suit up and transform into dangerously sexy and distracting dames that have the potential to heighten your pulse rate for many different reasons. Brace yourself gents because if Mortal kombat’s over the top violence is not enough to hold your attention, these Cosplay videos will surely to do the trick.

Featuring the lovely yet deadly Sonya, Kitana and Mileena in their customary skimpy outfits, the characters are modeled perfectly, accompanied by some old revamped  Mortal Kombat tunes as the girls show you a lot more than just their shinny weapons.

If you can take your eyes off these femme fatales for just a minute, wipe the drool from your mouth and stop mumbling “boobies”, head on over to facebook.com/mortal kombat and vote for your favourite homicidal hottie.

Apparently these ladies will be representing their respective digital counterparts at an up and coming Pan-European Mortal Kombat tournament, held at the Birmingham’s NEC Centre in the UK on the 17 of this month, and while these ladies look like they have plenty support (pun intended), I’m sure the extra votes would be appreciated.

Source: Ve3tro, facebook.com/mortalkombat

Last Updated: April 11, 2011

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