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Mortal Kombat had plans for other horror movie characters to make an appearance as well

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Quick, what’s the best way to get an iconic horror movie character with a dodgy video game past back into the interactive medium? You throw him in as DLC into a game that sells itself on blood and gore of course! Sure, it may have been a surprise to hear that the master of nightmares himself, Freddy Krueger, would be appearing as a downloadable fighter in the latest Mortal Kombat game, but at least he fits in perfectly with all the other characters. But Midway had plans for other icons of gory movies with numerous sequels to make an appearance as well, before they decided on Freddy.

Speaking to the Playstationblog, series co-creator Ed Boon explained the rationale behind choosing Freddy as the forth,mystery character for download.

It’s kind of hard to choose a character who would fit well into the Mortal Kombat universe, with the blood and violence that’s so associated with it. "Kratos from God of War is a brutal, bloody character, so he makes sense.

When we had the discussions about the DLC characters, we knew that we wanted to add a returning character, a new character, but also a guest character. That was one of the goals right from the beginning. A number of names were run by us: Jason, Michael Meyers and all those guys. (The problem was), we never got a grip on how we would do it.

Freddy Krueger, we felt, was the most instantly recognizable and he fits in with Mortal Kombat with his claws. It just seemed like the best fit.

As for which version of Freddy players would performing fatalities with, Boon was specific that it was neither classic Freddy actor Robert Englund or his successor Jackie Earle Haley.

We didn’t try to make him look like the actor Robert Englund, I don’t even know if we would be allowed to. Admittedly, I didn’t see the latest movie, the remake. But obviously the first few movies were huge, they left an undeniable mark on pop culture. When I look at him, I think of the original Freddy; he’s got the striped sweater and is instantly recognizable. He’s Freddy in general, we don’t really identify him as one version or another.

I’ve been playing with the latest characters released for Mortal Kombat so far, and Nether Realm games has done a fantastic job of creating some worthwhile DLC that doesn’t feel like a rush job or the same character with a palette swap. I was excited for Kenshi, but as a fan of late eighties, cheesy horror films, I cannot wait to get my hands on the dream-master himself.

The Freddy Kruger DLC will be available from the 9th August, while other kombatants such as Skarlett, Kenshi and Rain are up for download now on the marketplace.

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Last Updated: July 25, 2011

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