Mortal Kombat X is 4 hours long, has 2GB day one patch

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Mortal Kombat X is coming next week, and then, finally, we’ll start the slow process of shutting the hell up about it. For now though, it’s the in the news, and as that’s what we’re in the habit of delivering, we’ll continue to write about it. Mostly positively, too. But there’s a bit of bad news for those of you hoping to jump in to a few online matches as soon as you have the game. Like just about every other game, there’s a day one patch for the fighter – and it clocks in at just under 2GB.

That’s according to a redditor, who’s lucky enough to be playing already. He’s been hit with a 1.85GB patch on the PS4, which has been confirmed by other sources. The patch offers bug fixes, difficulty adjustments, and preps the game for online adversarial multiplayer.


The game’s single player story campaign is also apparently rather short, with unverified reports coming in that game clocks in at just around 4 hours of play – nearly half the time Mortal Kombat 9 took to play. Of course, that game ret-conned the first 3 games, so it has quite a bit more story to work with. The game’s living towers, arcade mode, renewed and lengthy Krypt and online multiplayer will add a healthy dose of longevity.

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Of course, that’s still longer than a Street Fighter campaign and a Tekken one put together. Mortal Kombat X is out in less than week

Last Updated: April 8, 2015

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