Most Gamers Prefer Physical Media

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Research firm Ipsos MediaCT surveyed a thousand gamers to see if they favoured digital distribution or physical media. The results were pretty clear – 64% of gamers prefer something tangible.

The primary reason? The second hand market. There is, naturally, a greater perceived value in something that can be resold.

"I believe the preference for physical discs amongst next-gen gamers reflects the potential value they derive from the pre-owned market, which is holding up the preference for physical – this is unlike the music and film markets," said MediaCT director, Ian Bramley.

"Physical game discs have a long and well-established history, which is a deep mindset to change – particularly when gamers build a physical collection as they fear losing digital versions.

"In-store browsing is also important to buyers," he said.

I think if the sample was greater – and included countries such as ours where bandwidth is a little slower and pricier, that figure would be considerably higher. I do like digital distribution, especially for XBLA and PSN gems that’d never seen the light of day in a retail channel – but opening a brand-new sealed game is part of the experience for me.

Source : CVG

Last Updated: July 2, 2010

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