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Mothergunship is all about crafting the craziest guns possible

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There’s nothing better than that moment in a first-person shooter when you get your hands on your favourite type of gun. Especially if said shooter has mechanics in place that makes every slug released from the barrel resonate with an impact that shatters reality on release. Guns man, they’re the cause of and solution to every problem in the real world, while being delightfully legally in a digital realm.

Which segues nicely into this game that was just announced: Mothergunship. Check this craziness out in its debut trailer from Tower of Guns developer Terrible Posture Games:

“Mothergunship is a game where we push the player to their limits with action. At its heart, the game is a straightforward concept: fight your way through the invading armada of alien ships, destroying each one from the inside, as you work your way through to the final Mothergunship boss,” Grip Digital’s Petr Ciesarik explained on the PS Blog.

Sounds simple, right? Except the levels are randomly generated, the game throws wall after wall of bullets at you, the levels are littered with hazards, and mammoth bosses await you at the end of each ship.

We’re not saying much more than that regarding the story just yet, but it’s as ridiculously over-the-top as the gameplay. As a quick teaser, it’s highly likely you’ll be able to play as a mad scientist, a fish, and a Scottish terrier (a very underserved niche in gaming). This is a game focused on blowing up weird looking machines, and to do that you’ll need all the firepower you can get.

To survive being trapped in a bullet hell from the first-person perspective, players will be able to crank out some custom weapons, if they were made with lethal LEGO. “Crafting is one of the core concepts behind Mothergunship. It doesn’t involve finding components and recipes like a lot of crafting mechanics in games. In Mothergunship, crafting is a fast and fun process — a bit more like playing with building blocks,” Ciesarik revealed.

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Throughout your adventures you find a variety of pieces: barrels, splitter parts, special “cap” pieces, etc. You can combine these pieces in any way you like, grafting barrels all over the place and building up a gun with the stats you want.

We’ve seen modular crafting systems like this in slower-paced space games where you can build out component-based spaceships, but we believe this is the first time an FPS has incorporated this kind of crafting into their guns, and the result is delightfully ludicrous; twelve-barrel lightning guns, shotguns that fire rockets, etc. It’s a system that’s very fun to play and encourages experimentation.

These crazy guns and impressively challenging arenas are only a part of the picture for Mothergunship. We’re also building this game to be playable co-op; that means you’ll be running through these crazy ships with a buddy, blasting robots and admiring each other’s impractical (but completely devastating) guns.

Mothergunship looks…mental so far. And currently has me tripping more balls than a klutz at a urology convention.

Last Updated: February 16, 2017

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