Moustaches and violence go hand in hand with Battlecry’s classes

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It’s very easy to get confused by all the multiplayer-only titles racing to launch lately. It’s even easier when there are two games that sound almost the same. Battlecry and Battleborn are two that I constantly confuse, but thankfully they’re starting to look more distinct now. Or at least Battlecry’s violent steampunk sword gameplay is standing out the most.

Battlecry is different because it focuses more on melee than ranged combat. The first look at the game details three of the five classes that will be included in the game: the Enforcer, Tech Archer and Duellist. The Enforcer is a brute who deals lots of damage while soaking up even more. The Tech Archer sacrifices health and damage for range and utility, while the squishy Duellist excels at swordplay and stealth.

You can check all three out in action below. So far the Duellist is really speaking to me. It’s the combination of stealth gameplay and a suave moustache I think.

The game plays like a traditional online shooter, sans the actual shooting. The grappling hook will also help you get around quickly, introducing more verticality to maps and the threat of being attacked from literally anywhere. It all sounds great, but the actual gameplay looks a little clunky right now, like a few players just getting close to one another and mashing attack and defend.

Bethesda is trying to offset this with some elements of asymmetrical design and class specific abilities, but until I actually play it I’m not entirely sold. What I do love, however, is the game’s steampunk style. It’s like a less vivid version of Dishonoured’s visuals, albeit with a lot more blood. It fits the theme and is probably the one thing keeping me interested at the moment.

Battlecry will enter closed beta on PC next year.

Last Updated: November 3, 2014

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