Multiplayer Wii Sex Game – Dark Room

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I personally have a fascination with the lack of sex in the gaming industry. No not the lack of physical activity for the journalists but rather the lack of sex in games.

Killing, maiming, mutilating and destroying people are perfectly acceptable, just make sure you don’t portray the natural act of sex onscreen.

So now instead of having professionally crafted titles integrating sex in a mature and supporting manner we get this instead.

Welcome to the world of weird Wii sex games, in this one two clothed competitors need to shake their wiimotes in time with the excessive moaning in an attempt to reach a climax.

It’s bizarre and obviously a little disconcerting to play with strangers in your local shopping mall, what’s even more disturbing is that there is also a 4 player mode where you get to swap partners in an attempt to find the perfect synchronisation routine.

The video is perfectly safe for work to watch, just make sure you are wearing headphones as the sound effects are pretty hardcore.

And is it just me or do the bizarre German statements make it feel even more like a porno?

Last Updated: July 17, 2009

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