MW3 rakes in $775 million in 5 days

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No that’s not a typo, according to VG247 Modern Warfare 3 has smashed the 5 day entertainment record by bringing in $775 million in 5 days.

That’s seven hundred and seventy five million dollars in 5 days, that’s incredible.

So which titan of the entertainment industry did Modern Warfare 3 take this record away from, oh well that would be Black Ops which only managed to make $650 million in 5 days a year ago to steal the title away from Modern Warfare 2 which made $550 million in it’s first 5 days.

Scary isn’t it.

The Call of Duty franchise has now secured over $6 billion worldwide and Modern Warfare 3 broke another record by racking up 7 million online hours of gameplay in it’s first day.

This franchise feels like an unstoppable beast at times, don’t forget to keep an eye out later today for our review to see if we think it deserves all these records.

Last Updated: November 18, 2011

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