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MW3 sold more on the Xbox than BF3 did on all platforms

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I shudder to write this article as it’s going to be seen as more anti-BF3 propaganda but the facts here have to be understood.

Modern Warfare 3 sold more copies on the Xbox 360 (6.68 million) than Battlefield 3 has on all platforms combined (6.47 million)

We could throw in there that Battlefield has been out longer but that’s just throwing salt in the wounds really.

Personally I see this is a failure; not for Battlefield 3 as a game which is excellent but rather for their marketing campaign and the decision to put it up head to head against Modern Warfare 3.

Have no doubt they were the ones who chose to battle head to head and they’ve now lost and that in my mind is a failure. If they had released 3 months apart I am convinced they would have sold more copies. They were never going to beat Modern Warfare 3 in sales but they would have been closer and yes the comparison between the two would have helped sales but they could have kept the head to head comparisons. Just released it in July instead.

Last Updated: November 23, 2011

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