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My losing streak continues – The Wheelman gets panned

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Before I get called out I will admit that I have gotten it wrong again… or I have cursed yet another videogame.

I downloaded The Wheelman demo a little while back and was happy to tell anyone who listened how great the game was going to be and how they have managed to truly capture the awesome experience of gaming.

Well the first reviews are in and by the look of it The Wheelman is not only not enjoyable but also a pretty poor excuse for a videogame.

I could try and hide behind the fact that Game Informer has given it an 85 and Team Xbox gave it an 84 but you can’t hide behind IGN giving it a 48, Eurogamer a 50, OXM a 50 and CVG a 52.

I still want to play the game but I can accept defeat and this is just another one of my failed predictions…

Source: Metacritic

Last Updated: March 30, 2009

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