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My PS3 hates me…

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So yesterday, I decided after a long debate with a friend of mine to sell him my PS3. It was an old 60G PS3 and he wanted it for the backwards compatibility. So with the money I went and “upgraded” to the new 80G PS3 bundled with 2 Dualshock 3’s and a copy of Gran Turismo Prologue. All was good and I was when happy I got home.

The happiness ended the moment I opened the box and unpacked it, because as I really should have known they ship PS3’s with the bare essentials. The console is not even HD ready out the box and that’s right, I forgot to buy an HDMI cable. Besides that, just the experience of unpacking the box was disheartening. No headset – seriously, Sony Bluetooth headsets are so cheap these day, why not just throw in a cheap one with some ps3 branding and an Ethernet cable, that would be nice too.

So after my trip back to the store to pick up another Ethernet cable, HDMI cable and a cheap Bluetooth headset I was now ready for online gaming – well, not really. At this point i would just like to note that in the box of a Premium Xbox 360 system, you get a headset, Ethernet cable and an HD solution cable as well. But that aside I finally get to plug the PS3 in, gaming goodness couldn’t be far away now…

But it was. Firstly of course, it’s a new console so it needed an update, unfortunately the update took an hour. With that finally done and another 10 minutes or so to set up my profile, I’m was now ready to game, so I put Gran Turismo in.

“Oh look it’s installing”, “oh and there’s no option to not install”, that’s fantastic, so even if I want to just quickly test the game i had to install it, that’s super. So after what was the longest install of my life – around 25 mins, I could now play games. Too bad then that After 3 hours worth of cables, installs, updates and whatever I really didn’t feel like it anymore.

This all did however get me thinking this morning. I thought the installs were necessary because the “read speed” of Blu-ray Discs was not great, but Motorstrom runs fine, and it doesn’t install? I could run off my conspiracy theory of how Sony know they have issues with the optical drives in the PS3 and in turn have introduced installs to try and extend the life of the drives, instead I’ll just ask that they make installs optional.

The sad ending to all of this is that Christmas is coming and a lot of people may be receiving PS3’s for gifts, I just think it really sucks and borders on unacceptable that all the stuff needed to enjoy your PS3 in not in the box.

Last Updated: November 18, 2008

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