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There is currently a poll running on asking the question “At R6000 plus for a PS3, will you buy it?”…

This has now been running for 2-3 days now and the current results are a resounding NO….

Yes –  9,23% (6)
No  – 87.69% (57)
Unsure – 3.08% (2)

Now personally I think the poll question is not accurate for stats purposes as it leads you into negativity before asking the question… Instead of stating the price they used R6000 plus… But what’s the point of being pedantic 🙂

Some quotes from the thread

Highflyer_GP: Don’t see the point of paying twice the price for a machine with the same technical capabilities (bar bluray).

Creed: I’d consider it if I didn’t already own a 360. To me SONY’s biggest mistake was waiting this long to release the PS3.

playkiller_no.2: No rumble in the current controllers,now that the patent lawsuit has been setted. You have to spend money buying a controller with the rumble later.

Bubbilicious : Plus I don’t have a HDtv so Blu-ray is worthless to me.

Check out the current thread here….

Last Updated: March 15, 2007

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