Mythbusted Atari games are now on eBay

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Me when I saw some of those prices. WTF

Many moons ago, Geoff told you about one of gaming’s biggest myths. Atari had tons of unsold copies of their really, REALLY bad game, ET What did they do with all of them? Buried supposedly, deep in a hole in New Mexico, hoping that humankind would never find out. The myth turned out to be true, and Zoe pointed out that ET was not the only title hiding down there. Fancy buying one of those pieces of history? You can, as some of those cartridges are now available on eBay… FOR LOTS OF MONEY.

No really, check out the listings right here (via Joystiq). If you’re a cheapskate, you can maybe outdo the person who bid R569 on Missile Command. Feeling somewhat richer? Splash out on this legendary ET which is currently sitting on R6800. You might as well round up to R7000, nobody will top that!

What honestly scares me is that nearly every single listing has a fair number of bids on them. If my calculations are correct, there are just short of 100 games for sale. For arguments sake, let’s say the average for each is R2000. That means there is a potential R200 000 just waiting to be made.

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I can understand from a collectors point of view that each title is a slice of gaming history. Problem is, the packaging for each game is beyond poor, and the quality of some of those games are even poorer. Why on Earth would you even bother spending that cash? Unless I am missing something here, I think it’s just plain silly.

Anyways, this whole excavation came about as a result of a documentary about Atari being made. It will be out soon.

If you had the money and were a collector, would you consider buying any of the listed titles? I really don’t think I would. ET can stay home for all I care.

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Last Updated: November 6, 2014

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