Namco repeats Capcom’s mistakes, releases a one save game

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People, it seems, just don’t learn. Last month, we told you how Capcom had implemented a single, un-erasable save on Resident Evil : The Mercenaries for the 3DS. This raised more than just a little ire – because it essentially makes the game worthless on the second hand market. Capcom apologised for their faux pas, insisting that it was a move intended to curb pre-played sales and that it wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

It looks like somebody else made their mistake instead.

Namco-Bandai’s upcoming Pac Mac & Galaga Dimensions for the 3DS, a collection of new and classic games in the series’ rejiggered in 3D,  will also feature a single-save system that won’t let users delete high scores or the game’s unlocked content. In fact, all the  game records is a single high-score per game instead of the score leaderboard you’d expect of an arcade rehash. The game also has achivement-esque rewards – that once unlocked are impossible to reset, making it another 3DS game that’ll have little resell value.

This looks like the start of a worrying trend – one that’ll only harm the already slowing momentum of Nintendo’s new 3D handheld.

Source : Destructoid

Last Updated: July 27, 2011

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