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So the eagle eyed viewers would have noticed that I didn’t announce the winner of the Name that logo comp on Friday as promised. This can be blamed on a multitude of things, mostly consisting of it being Friday and the pub having cold beers…

But there was actually a second reason. It’s because we can’t decide on a winner.

We have had our voting internally and have come up with a list of 5 top candidates, in no particular order the top 5 candidates are

Dozer submitted by Freddie vE, Bonk by Geoffrey N, Lagz by Darthdad, Slack-Man by Rob H (not to be confused with Slackman by spl0it) and Snores by Darren B.

I used my executive powers and lobeed Slackman off the list as it doesn’t appeal to me (sorry Rob) and Nick used his sub executive powers to bury Bonk.

We then agreed that Snores also did quite cut the mustard… this has been a hard weekend I can tell you that.

So we are left with Lagz and Dozer who are locked in a fight to the death this very minute as we still haven’t decided which one is going to carry us forward.

If you prefer either of the two please let us know why you do or why you want to see one of them die a painful death.

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On the other end of the scale we had some unique entries that are lounging around the bottom of the table, here are a select few…

Megadrivefridaypollman, Gwyn, Cerk, Smiley (3 times…), Lazyboy (3 times), Packman on the backman, Vernon and Bobert… a lot of those were from the same two not so creative people…

Honourable mentions that didn’t quite make the grade where Pixel, Chip, Wedgie and ZeeMoNsTa.

I would just like to say thanks to everyone for entering, we had 112 unique entries which isn’t bad going for a creative comp.

The winner will be announced this week good luck to our final two contenders.

Last Updated: February 23, 2009

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