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Natal To Sell For R500 – Michael Pachter

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Michael Pachter - Pach Attack
Michael Pachter, videogames industry analyst and man with glasses has given his verdict on the price that Microsoft will charge for Project Natal when it releases at the end of this year.

According to Pachter, Microsoft don’t really want to cash in on the sales of Natal but rather find it a lot more important to get it into every Xbox 360 console owners home, as well as entice even more people to buy the system.

Make sense? Actually… yes, yes it does.

In his new Gametrailers show Pach-Attack he says the following:

“I’d be very surprised if the thing is more then $79, and I really think it’s going to be $50.

Microsoft’s not trying to make money on the device, trying to get everybody to have the device so that they can sell us other things, eventually can sell us a lot more Xbox 360s.”

Now I don’t usually listen to everything that Michael Pachter has to say, but the man definitely does have a point.

Microsoft are not launching a new product, they are launching an entirely new “platform” in their eyes, one that needs to lengthen the Xbox 360’s lifespan by another 5 years minimum. If they present it as a huge console upgrade for a small price, they won’t have to worry about heavily convincing people to upgrade, it will just be a logical and relatively cheap step for everyone.

I am excited to see what Microsoft is going to show this year as they build up for the release of Project Natal. I am one of the people who believes that while actual Natal games might be a load of shovelware (as seen on the Wii), subtle uses of the platform may enhance our experiences in other games.

If they don’t and it’s all a waste of time, hey, it’s probably only going to waste R500, right?

Source: Pach-Attack Show

Note: I know that some of you may be pointing out that for $50 doesn’t actually add up to R500 but it usually does. To put it quite simply, once products are bought, shipped, delivered and put on shelves in South Africa, the price usually comes to the Dollar x 10, for example, the PSP was $250 and sold for R2500 when launched.

Last Updated: February 22, 2010

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