Naughty Bear developer changes name.. announces Naughty Bear 2

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I was very intrigued about Naughty Bear before it’s release, the idea sounded awesome and the trailers we saw definitely piqued my interest.

But then it was released… and widely panned. It’s Metacritic score is currently sitting at 43/100 which when it was released made me think that the developers were sunk after their previous title Wet also didn’t set the world on fire.

However the developers, Artificial Mind & Movement, have found a magical way to avoid this disaster, they are rebranding their company so it looks better on the box… you just can’t make something like that.

“When you look at our current name on the box and in the public, it’s not as sexy or as interesting as Behaviour.”

So that’s it.. they are now called Behaviour and at the same time they have announced a sequel to Naughty Bear and Wet.

Good luck to them.

Source: Gamasutra

Last Updated: November 9, 2010

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