Naughty Dog suffers more losses

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The Last of Us earned just about every award possible last year, and it looks like the PS4 remake might just be even better. But is it the last hurrah from a dying studio?

We already knew about Amy Hennig. She was the first to leave Naughty Dog, although we’re still unclear if by choice or not, and joined on with Visceral Games’ Star Wars project. She even brought over Todd Stashwick as a co-writer. Well now it’s confirmed that Stashwick’s role in Uncharted 4 has been recast. It’s unclear what happened, but it seems that Naughty Dog is ejecting all the unfaithful. Stashwick isn’t the only one, Naughty Dog has lost someone even more integral.

Over on twitter, Nate Wells made the following announcement/confirmation:

Wells was the lead artist for The Last of Us, and his departure will be a serious blow for Naughty Dog. It’s not to say that these people were the only talent on hand, nor is it to say that they’re irreplaceable, but it certainly doesn’t look good for a company when so many key people sever ties.

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Could this be because of issues within Sony itself? Naughty Dog is one of their prize studios – perhaps they’re also primed to get the most pressure from the ailing corporation? I’m glad these people are finding alternative employment, but it certainly doesn’t bode well for the studio.

Last Updated: April 22, 2014

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