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Navy SEALS disciplined for Medal of Honour consultation work

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Medal of Honor Warfighter E3 Screen 1

I’ll say one thing about Medal of Honour: Warfighter, it’s pretty damn authentic. It may be a run of the mill shooter that Jim Lenoir thinks deserved some harsh and unfair criticism, but when it comes to painting the world in drab greys and browns, it does so with enough accuracy to actually double as a documentary. That’s thanks to the input the game received from real life military operatives. Except the soldiers who helped out on a certain mission that has zero darkness in thirty places, are kinda in trouble now.

While that authenticity may not have helped MOH: Warfighter in the sales department (Farming Simulator 2013 has sold more copies than it), it most certainly has been even less helpful for the seven Navy SEALS who consulted on the game for the Osama Bin Laden raid.

The seven soldiers have been accused of revealing secrets, as according to CBS, “while serving as consultants for the game, they used classified material which had been given to them by the Navy.”

SEAL Team Six was the group responsible for raiding the compound where Bin Laden was hiding, and ultimately killing him, last year in Pakistan. The seven operatives won’t be fired though, but they will be docked half their pay for the next two months.

Although considering that they picked up a pay-check from not only EA, but also the people behind the upcoming Zero Dark Thirty movie, I think that this won’t exactly hit their bank balances too hard.

Last Updated: November 9, 2012

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