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NBA 2K14 servers go offline, along with your saved games

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Ya frikkin kidding me?

While I love some of the cool, server-side things that can happen in games that are perpetually connected, games that use online connectivity for single player purposes get right up my nostrils. There’s a good reason for that; once the servers go away, your singe player progress is gone. One such game is NBA 2K14, which uses servers to keep track of your single player career. Those servers are now gone – along with your career progress.

2K announced that the servers were being disconnected last month, but insisted that online games would be converted to offline ones. “Online files will not disappear, but rather they will turn to offline saves and earn skill points as opposed to VC (The game’s virtual currency),” 2K said at the time.

Turns out that didn’t quite happen – and instead saved games have disappeared in to the ether. In a statement provided to Polygon, 2K apologised for the inconvenience.

“This means that if you had created a MyCareer or a MyGM online save file that was once connected to our servers it too sadly has retired and is no longer available for use and it would be necessary to re-create these files as offline saves,” 2K said.

“Sadly this may come as an inconvenience to some of you and if so we truly do understand and can feel for how upsetting this may seem as there always is a special bond that occurs between a player and their MyCareer save but all good things must come to an end and rest assured your MyCareer or MyGM went out while on top.”

Users can still play the game, but they need to create a new offline save – which effectively means starting the game afresh.

“We hope you enjoyed your amazing experience with NBA 2K14?s online services and you can look forward to the continue experience [sic] they provide in NBA 2K15!” the email continues.

That’s a frankly appalling PR response, that highlights the perils of playing games that require online servers, especially for their single player experiences.

Last Updated: April 7, 2015

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