NBA Jam Confirmed for Xbox and PS3 – But There’s a Catch. And it sucks.

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This is not going to make Nick happy. Regular readers would know that our stalwart Zimbabwean refugee Nick is pretty damned excited about the upcoming return of the NBA Jam franchise. It was originally supposed to be exclusive to Wii – but ratings boards exposed high definition versions destined for Xbox box and PS3, presumably for their download services.

EA have finally confirmed that the game is indeed bound for XBLA and the PSN – but there’s a pretty nasty catch.

While the game will grace the PS3 and 360, it won’t be available individually. No, EA in their infinite wisdom have decided it’ll be included as a downloadable title (via a code) in brand new retail copies of Ea’s NBA Elite 11.

"We’re still holding back the Remix Tour for the Wii consumer, and that’s about 20 hours of gameplay," EA Sports’ Jordan Edelstein tells ESPN. "But for the PS3 and 360, we want people to try ‘Elite’. We feel like ‘NBA Elite 11’ is a great product and we want people to give it a chance and see all the changes we’re making. So as a way to say thanks to these people, we are going to let them experience ‘Jam’. It’s not the full product, but it’s a good portion of it.”

"And the only way to play ‘Jam’ on the 360 and PS3 is by picking up ‘Elite’. There’s a one-time use code that will be in every copy of ‘Elite’, so you just go online and redeem it. We’re not selling ‘Jam’ on PSN or Xbox Live. If you still want the full product, the full experience is on the Wii, but if you pick up ‘Elite’, you’re still getting a good taste of it, especially with the inclusion of online play."

Way to go EA. Forcing customers to either choose between paying full price for the Wii version – which lacks proper, intuitive online play and HD graphics, or paying full price for a game they likely don’t actually want, to get a gimped version of a game they do. There are good ways to implement your “Project 10 Dollar,” an incentive to get customers to purchase games new instead of 2nd hand.

This isn’t one of them.

Source : IGN

Last Updated: August 3, 2010

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