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You'll Need a hazmat suit for new sim game

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I love simulation games, I really do.  I don’t care if I’m running a restaurant, a hotel, a country or a prison – I want to micro-manage the growth and functioning of my little domain.  That said, there’s a new simulation game coming to PC that is just weird.

Chemical Spillage Simulation has you don a hazmat suit to stop toxic waste and fire.  Yes, you get the following incredible opportunities.

  • Become a special member of the Special Chemical Disaster Prevention Unit
  • A great variety of missions that include dealing with objects contaminated with radiation, highly toxic substances and even ferocious fires
  • Use special vehicles and tools to battle these dangerous scenarious
  • Control a special analyser robot who will venture into areas not safe humans

I dunno, how does this not get repetitive?  Surely after the second toxic waste site you know what you’re doing?  It does say that with higher experience you get more difficult and detailed locations – does this mean that you get to take on the Toxic Avenger?  Because that could be a whole different kind of awesome!


Last Updated: May 28, 2013

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