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Need for Speed’s Kinect support explained

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The voice of Kitt weas provided by George Williams. George Williams was Mr Feeny in Boy Meets World.

It was revealed not too long ago that Criterion’s new Need For Speed (which is really a new Burnout Paradise in everything but name) would have Kinect support on the 360 version. It probably left you scratching your head wondering not only “why?” but also “how?” Would you be able to ineffectively control the games cars using naught but yer hands? Would there be a random, out-of-place dancing minigame? Perhaps you could use the Kinect to scan in your own car, conveniently parked in your living room and take that to the digital streets of Fairhaven? Nope.

Proving once again that when it comes to “core” games that Kinect is little more than a glorified microphone, you’ll be able to speak to your car – and do car modding on-the-fly, without having to navigate menus or pause the action.

“For example, while you’re in your SVT Raptor, you can say ‘Mods, Nitrous, Burn Nitrous’ and your car will instantly be equipped with an extra boost that you need,” explains Criterion.

“Need some slicks for the asphalt? Easy: ‘Mods, Tires, Slicks’ and off you go.”

Sounds like it could actually come in handy – provided you can memorise all the necessary keywords.

Last Updated: September 7, 2012

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