Negative Achievements – Good or Bad?

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0 has just published the official list of achievments for Command & Conquer 3 which is about to hit the Xbox.

In this list there are 4 negative achievements. You get 0 score for being really bad at the game. This made me wonder if this was a good idea for the developers or not. Knowing many people who insist on unlocking an entire game this brings a new angle to it. Would you play badly just to make sure you got your achievment even though it is worth nothing?

The 3 negative achievements for C&C are

Lose 3 single player games in a row, lost 5 multiplayer games in a row, skipping the tutorial and losing to someone ranked 20 places below you in multiplayer.

I guess they do no harm really, it’s just a strange world getting rewarded for losing…

Glad to say as well there are only 2 secret achievments in C&C, I hate secret achievements.

Last Updated: April 16, 2007

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