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NetherRealm can tweak characters post release says Boon

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According to Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon, the reboot has a system in place which will allow NetherRealm developers to dynamically adjust and rebalance characters without players noticing, or having to download a patch.

“In Mortal Kombat we have a system where we can make adjustments to the special moves and balance things out even after the game has been released,” said boon. Furthermore he added “If an infinite were to come out, or a character is too powerful, we can make adjustments and address those things immediately.”

While the creator refused to specify exactly how the system works, he did clarify to Eurogamer that they would be able to monitor issues attributed to character imbalances and adjust them, “You could think of it as a mini-update, but it’s done in the background.”, he explained.

Boon went on to elucidate why the system was necessary, suggesting that it was not possible to create a perfectly balanced fighting game due to the complexity of special moves, saying “I don’t think there is any fighting game that was ever made where every character is equally powerful.”


Last Updated: April 21, 2011

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