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Netherrealm taking a break from Mortal Kombat

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This year’s Mortal Kombat reboot was a shining return to glory for the series, which has seen many a dud added to its legacy. You might imagine that Ed Boon’s Netherrealm – a studio born to continue that legacy – is hard at work on the next Mortal Kombat.

You’d be wrong.

According to Gamespot, Ed Boon says Netherealm is taking a break from Mortal Kombat – and that the studio is hard at work on a new project – althoug it offers absolutely no insights as to what that project is. What it’s not is more DLC for Mortal Kombat, which has already seen new characters – including Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Kruger added to the roster. That’s it – Mortal Kombat is now as komplete as it’s going to get.

Boon’s done little other that MK in his long career, so I’m keen to see what the studio’s capable of in other genres. Warner Bros subsidiary Netherrealm did recently release another brawler, Batman: Arkham City Lockdown for iOS devices – so that might be the direction they’re headed in.

Last Updated: December 13, 2011

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