New Ace Combat Coming!

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Namco-Bandai have announced that a brand new Ace Combat, called Assault Horizon is headed for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This’ll be the first time the series – a PS2 stalwart – will grace Sony’s HD console, with the last Ace Combat for PlayStation being The Belkan War in 2004. Now Ps3 owners can pretend they’re Maverick from Top Gun too! Or the infinitely more manly Iceman – because couch-jumping midgets who praise lord Xenu just aren’t as cool as they used to be.

There’s been little mention of the game’s story – but Namco-Bandai is calling it a “rebirth” of the series. Of course, the series’ integral multiplayer will return – hopefully with the online co-op bits from 2007’s Xbox 360 exclusive Fires of Liberation intact. Also, the new Ace Combat features helicopters. Helicopters!

Teaser trailer after the jump. This is looking pretty damned awesome.

Last Updated: August 10, 2010

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