New Alien: Isolation screens intrigue

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I had to play through the particularly dreadful Aliens: Colonial Marines for review, so you’ll have to excuse my scepticism when it comes to the newest game to use the Alien licencse; Alien: Isolation. Yes, it sounds pretty good, and from what little we’ve seen of it so far, it looks quite good too. Here’s the thing…so did Colonial Marines.

Set 15 years after the original Alien, this new game from SEGA-owned Creative Assembly dispenses with the usual gung-ho combat of most games bearing the licence, in favour of a more stealthy, survival-horror approach. Creative Assembly is responsible for the excellent Total War games, so this is very much outside of their wheelhouse.

Taking queues from pants-wettingly terrifying games like Outlast and Amnesia, Isolation follows Ripley’s daughter Amanda as she has to battle, outrun and hide from one – yes, just the one – large Xenomorph. In short, it seems like it’s everything that colonial Marines wasn’t , which can only count in its favour.

Here’s a fresh new batch of screens, which show that the game is certainly looking pretty gloomy. What else do they reveal?

Well, we can see from the white mess that you’ll encounter at least one synthetic, though whether you deal with the AI before or after its ripped in half is yet to be seen. We can also see that it sticks very much to H.R Giger’s original phallic Xenomorph design, which is certainly better January 21, 2014

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