New Avatar Clothing Unveiled

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Ladies Formal Wear

Major Nelson has announced that there are some new items of clothing for your Avatars to get all dressed up for Christmas.

The ladies out there will be pleased to hear that they have added in some new shoes as I hear that there is a problem with the current selection, though to be honest I don’t even remember putting shoes on my guy.

The formal wear collection has now been announced and consists of the following

For the gentlemen we have
Blue Tuxedo (save that one for prom season)
Black Tuxedo
Shirt with Cummerbund
Black Trilby
Bowler Hat

For the ladies we have:
Elegant Ball Gown
Little Black Dress
Formal Trouser Suit
Elegant Watch
Red 60’s Shades
Strappy High Heels
Platform Shoes

Guys Formal Wear

So that’s it, it’s no very exciting but it is free which is a good thing. I am still surprised we haven’t seen a Gears of War T-Shirt or Faith style tatoo released yet though. How are the marketers missing this opportunity?

Image Source: X2theG

Last Updated: December 17, 2008

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