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Zeebo – New Budget Console Coming In April

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Gamesindustry.biz reports that a new console, called the Zeebo will launch in April and is looking to reach out to emerging markets, some who’s residents have never even experienced home gaming before.

This idea sounds great and all, but after reading through the article, I started to wonder if it’s creators actually have any sort of cooking clue about the market that it is targeting. You see, the Zeebo is a 3G Wireless console, that will allow users to download games easily over a wireless platform. 3G isn’t exactly cheap or even available in all parts of the world, which makes me wonder who it is that they are targeting. Brazil is apparently first on the list and they plan to roll it out to areas like China and Russia as well.

Are Chinese people really in need of a budget console? What about developing countries that don’t have access to a lot of the modern products that we all have today?

It gets better though, because according to this article, this will be a budget console for newcomers. So how cheap is this console going to be?

I had a good laugh, more after the jump.

According to the article, this “budget” console will be going on sale for only $199! Wait, isn’t that the same price as a Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360 Arcade over there? Even better, the article says the following:

“The budget console is set to go on sale in Brazil next month for USD 199 – almost one-fifth the price of the leading consoles”

Excuse me, one fifth? How many consoles do you readers now of that are going for $1000 US Dollars?

Now I hope I am wrong about all of this because it seems like a nice idea. The problem I have with it is that they are basically going to be marketing a console that is supposed to be really cheap for the same price as a Wii and then getting people to buy new games over a service that isn’t that cheap or readily available in a lot areas.


We still have no idea of what level of performance the system will have (I actually found the specs here .) and how big the game downloads will be, but unless the creators have really thought this through, it could be a huge flop. Once again, I hope I am wrong because something like this could actually be quite good for developing countries in need of some cheap entertainment.

Am I missing something, do you guys think that this console will take off?

Source: GamesIndustry.biz

Last Updated: March 25, 2009

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