New character classes confirmed for Borderlands 2

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Randy Pitchford, the big boss of Gearbox Studios, has confirmed via twitter that they are busy creating new classes for Borderlands 2 as we speak.

In a direct response to a question from a fan Randy wasn’t the least bit cryptic about their future plans

I’m a massive fan of Borderlands 2 and even feel our official review was a bit harsh only giving the game a 9, yes I’m that besotted with the game.

However having said that I can’t say I’m excited about new character classes. I haven’t even gotten my soldier up to level 50 yet and there is no way I’ll ever find the time to level up another character so new characters don’t really offer me any excitement.

Now more arenas, raid bosses and DLC.. now that’s something that interests me.

Last Updated: October 24, 2012

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