New Child of Light video makes me happy

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Child of light puzzle

Child of Light is a JRPG, fairytale poem of a game that I cannot wait to get my hands on. From the first trailer, I was sold on this game, but now a walkthrough is making me really excited.

Just check out the video:

For those who don’t watch videos, we get an overview of exploration, skills and the RPG elements, as well as a Dark Souls-esque messaging system to give hints to other players. The gameplay looks intriguing, but I have to say that I’m most impressed with the design of the game. It is visually stunning, to be sure, but I think it’s the music that is having the greatest affect on me. It feels like the emotions brought on by old school JRPGs will be making a comeback in Child of Light.

It seems that Ubisoft is taking a page from the indie playbook, designing this quirky and unusual game. I really hope that it pays off for them – this looks like the type of game that we need more of, much, much more of.

Last Updated: November 13, 2013

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