New Combolicious Killer Instinct headed to Xbox 360. So says EGM

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According to an article in the upcoming July issue of EGM, the ninja spies that have infiltrated the Rare development studios are saying that they are indeed working on a new Killer Instinct game for Xbox 360.


The game seems to still be in its very early stages and from the looks of things, will be using the old 2D fighters in a 3D arena formula. If this all proves to be true we can all look forward to pulling some brand new zillion hit combos on our friends in glorious HD.

We can safely assume that if a sequel is in the works, we will be seeing a return of many or all of the original characters as well as a few new ones.

However, I do wonder about the fact that the characters will still be rendered in 2D, what with all that incredible wizardy in the graphics cards that’s able to render tight leather outfits in all three dimensions.

EGM News Clipping on the left.

source: Xbox Kings

Last Updated: June 23, 2008

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