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New content for Warframe on PS4

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If you play Warframe, you’ll need to download another update. Space Ninjas get bored easily, apparently – a whole bunch of new content has been released including social elements, the return of an old nemesis and even more weaponry.

First up, Tenno Relays. These are space stations that orbit various planets and allow for player interaction. Access to the relay just requires the player to unlock the orbited planet.

While on a Relay players can form squads, change loadouts, chat, or visit any of the Syndicate rooms to purchase Offerings. Players can also turn in Medallions found in Syndicate Missions for bonus Standing. The rooms have some amazing aesthetics, so be sure to give them all a visit!

These Relays will expand further over time, adding Clan rooms, special merchants and even special quests. Eyes of Blight is a new global event that will also be introduced as players need to use Archwings to fight through space and find a way inside the Balor Fomorian vessels. Baro Ki’Teer is also appearing on PS4, adding his rare and valuable goods to the mix, but only when he appears every two weeks.

New Arching, and Arching weapons have been introduced, as well as some new weapons for the Tenno. He’ll need them to go up against the new enemies, too. But wait, there’s more:

A new twist on an old classic, the Corpus Hijack mission type has now been added to Sorath, Europa. Similar to the original Hijack, Corpus Hijack has Tenno escort an ATV loaded with valuable Corpus information to its extraction point. Of course, the Corpus probably have a thing or two to say about Tenno stealing their stuff and loading it onto the space-van.
Players need to stay close to the vehicle, fend off Corpus assault teams and keep the information safe from damage. Should the ATV be destroyed the mission is deemed a failure, so keep a sharp eye on the prize when trying out Europa’s latest Mission.

Throw in more customization options and Warframe really has given away a ton with this new update. For a free game, it’s incredible to realize how deep the game goes, and how much is on offer. No wonder it has such a large and enthusiastic community.

Last Updated: February 11, 2015

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