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New Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 trailer focuses on…yes, boobs

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Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 has become one of those games that has skyrocketed in popularity since it became controversial. The whole thing almost seems manufactured, capitalising on the “us vs them” mentality that’s become a hallmark in the “battle” between those asking for better representation in games, and those who’re happy with the status quo.

The last game in the series was godawful (the first one was actually ok!), and I think without the controversy giving the game a signal boost of sorts, we’d be hearing very little of its sequel. Instead, there are those who’re calling it out as sexist swill, and those who’re champion for it to be released globally – not realising that sometimes, they’re the same people. And together, they’re giving the game a marketing push. God knows I’m guilty myself.

I’ve called the game out many times before, wondering how on earth it is that rubbish like this is being made in 2015. That doesn’t mean that don’t think that its creators have every right to make it and release it wherever they like – as those who criticise it have every right to call it out for being sexist.

What people do need to do though, is give up the pretence that they’re interested in Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 for the underlying game, and just admit that they’re keen on anime titties. There’s a brand new trailer showing just that and some new info on the game, the new Owner mode, and that amazing breast physics. This is what technology is all about.

Via Dualshockers:

Capture the flag will have two girls start laying on the sand, and players will have to make them run by pressing circle and X. On the other hand, rock climbing requires players to press buttons timely according to the symbols appearing on the screen. Courses for beginners and experts will be included in the game.

The Owner Mode allows you to play the owner of the island replacing the busy Zack, and to participate in activities like taking gravure shots of the heroines. The more their happiness meter raises, the more they will agree to wear daring bikinis, with a higher possibility of “malfunctions” that will show more skin.

The Soft Engine 2.0 will allow breasts to be deformed in real-time, reacting to contact with the ground, walls and tables. They will also react physically to the pole during pole-dancing scenes, and to gravity. Whether the heroine is prone or on her back, her breasts will be displayed realistically.

Because of those damned skeletons (or…y’know, sound business decisions) the game isn’t being released outside of Asia, so you’ll need to import if you want your cartoon video game breasts. Sorry about that.  

Last Updated: December 17, 2015

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