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You may or may not have known that Dota started as a mod for Warcraft III (That mod itself being based on a Starcraft map). However, the development from popular mod into full fledged game is more complicated than you might imagine – as is the growth into a full fledged eSport.

We, The Community is a 20-minute film by Moritz ‘Moose’ Zimmermann and is available in its entirety on YouTube. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

I really like the approach of the video, showing the various players before they were necessarily as famous as they are now, and how Dota changed from being a mod that couldn’t make anyone any money into the multimillion dollar industry that it is today. Even just the shift from Dota to Dota 2; there’s a good reason that people worship Valve for what they can (and do) do. The International was more than just a money making scheme for Valve (although of course it raked in tons of cash), it was a giant thank you to the community and the kickstart that eSports needed.

Even if you’re not a Dota fan, this video is really cool to watch. It’s beautiful to see what an active community can do for a game. The development and growth of the game from a niche, expensive hobby into a lucrative industry is mind boggling and overwhelming.

Big thanks to our Matty Fig for the tip – I know you all miss his Dota reporting, so I hope you get a small taste of what it used to be like when he was around.

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Last Updated: February 4, 2015

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