New duplication exploit for Dying Light discovered

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The latest patch for Techland’s Dying Light breaks the sneaky item duplication glitch we told you about recently. Of course people have found a new one already. Of course they have. Redditor BillSavage details a brand new exploit that has similar results – even if it is a little trickier to do.

He’s created a video showing how to do execute the exploit.

  • 1.) Open your inventory. You’re going to ‘drop’ any item that has a number beside it. Ex: throwing knives, Molotov, stuff like that.
  • 2.) Highlight that item! You push the right stick to drop it, BUT the moment you push the right stick, push the circle button and exit the menu. If you did it right, the small “how many items would you like to drop” menu will still be on the screen.
  • 3.) Wait for the menu to disappear. Then take the weapon you want to duplicate and throw it, at the ground or wall or whatever. Before it lands, bring your menu back up!
  • 4.) Your menu will still have the small ” how many do you want to drop” on the screen, however you can move the stick to select your weapon you are duplicating and drop it from your inventory.
  • 5.) Profit!

While I’d never condone breaking the game in this way – as you’re really only just ruining your own enjoyment – sometimes it’s fun to round about in games like an overpowered madman. I’ve only just started playing Dying Light, so I’m unable to give any sort of worthwhile appraisal, but the game certainly starts off pretty strong – and I’m rather keen to explore Harran’s rooftops as hordes of the undead try to munch on my ankles.

Last Updated: February 5, 2015

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