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New Final Fantasy Type-0 trailer links to larger lore

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD may just be a PSP remake, but it still had an important impact on the Final Fantasy universe when it was originally released in 2011. Part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe, the lore spreads across the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, as well as into Final Fantasy XV. While this latest trailer is for Final Fantasy Type-0, avid fans may see some elements or lore from the other games, too.

Here is the legacy trailer:

It makes me particularly happy to see franchise standards in the trailer. From cactuar to flan, favourite summons and even Cid, it feels like a real Final Fantasy game. I like that the crystal universe carries over between games, although I’m not totally convinced that I like the lore behind it.

I find the whole crystal idea and terminology to be rather convoluted and it doesn’t offer those things that I normally like in a Final Fantasy game. Don’t they know that JRPGs should all be about fighting for a cause and then realizing that your cause was wrong all along only to resist and fight against your former allies? The crystals are okay, but thanks to a bunch of new terms and confusing mythos, I just didn’t find Final Fantasy XIII as gripping as previous games in the franchise. While Type-0 could add more clarity to the lore, I think the Crystallis universe just far too convoluted.

Are you amped for Type-0 HD to release? It’s not long now? Are you hoping for it to fill your JRPG loving heart, or are you keeping expectations low until you read reviews?

Last Updated: March 16, 2015

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